Friday, March 15, 2013

Coffee and Chatting

Oh dear! I’m afraid I won’t be keeping my promise in full – while I was all Good Intentions this morning, it’s not quite late and I don’t have time to write all that I had wanted so it must be delayed until the next tomorrow. I ought to have planned better, but I can’t bring myself to be unhappy over my failure as I spent my evening with one of my most cherished friends, Miss Woodwise! It was, as always, Supremely Pleasant and I was very touched to receive the grandest hat as a Birthday Gift. Mum and Father thought it looked positively spiffing when I tried it on at home (and though it may be vain to say, I quite agree).

We talked on a great many subjects over coffee and chai, from blithe discussions on wedding attire to musings on the troubles and needs of our world, and I was reminded of a Very Important Thing. I think sometimes it is easy to forget how important real, human connection is to our hearts and spirits, and how much we gain in our lives by having Good Friends. I know I am sometimes prone to melancholy, especially when I think of all the Injustices I wish I could solve, but talking to Miss Woodwise always makes my heart lighter no matter the topic. I am quite sure that she will be the next Ms. Poppins, for she has an amazing gift for making others happy with her Kind Spirit. I’m off to bed now for it is late, but though my room is chilly, I’ll be filled with the warmth of Friendship so I’m sure to sleep well.
~Lady Morewit

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Morewit Returns (Again)

Well dear Friends! As is now unfortunately common, I have neglected these pages for some time, and I’m afraid I have fallen quite behind on my News. There have been a number of changes since I last wrote, which I shall attempt to address in quick order. First and Foremost, having finally reached the close of my College years, I have emerged into society as an Adult - a terrifying word, to be sure! I must admit that I feel no more grown than I did a year ago, but the World sees me now as a woman, so a Woman I must be. For the moment I am happy to take a small respite from this title and instead be Daughter in the company of my beloved family. I am so happy to be at the Manor again, in my own dear bed, in my own dear room; there really is no place I feel so at ease or cherish so greatly.

Also of note is the fact that I have again become a Lady Unattached. I know not how to speak properly of it, for while it was an amiable separation for the most part, there is no small sorrow in losing the strong bond forged by Affection. Still, I do feel that it was all for the best, as once I left for the Towers we quarreled more and more, and found our differences greater than our similarities. I came to realize that while dear Corsair was all enthusiasm and charm he lacked the kind, considerate nature one hopes to find in a suitor. I found that I could not rely on him for strength and rather bore the weight and trials of our relationship for both of us, a fact I could not ignore. I've always thought myself more a Woman Liberated than a Woman of Tradition, but it seems that when it comes to courting I prefer a more old-fashioned Gentleman with the virtues of strength and gentleness.
Still, while I wait for my gallant white knight I shall not be sitting idly by. It is a truth universally acknowledged - that a single woman in possession of (no) fortune, must be in want of – employment. For in our modern society, a proper wage is a must for men and ladies alike, especially when The Cost of an Education is so very large. On this front at least I can offer you good news as I am now a Lady Employed! The position itself is not one of glamour perhaps, but at this moment, I am sure it is the most ideal for my mind, body, and spirit.
As to what my Title and Duties may be, I am afraid I shall be leaving those of you who do not know already in some small suspense until Tomorrow as I must set aside my writings for now. However, I do promise that to make up for the wait I shall provide plenty of details and thoughts on my future for your Amusement, so never fear.
The (Adult-ish) Miss Morewit

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Out of the Doldrums

I fear last night’s Writings ended up sounding rather dark, and not at all as Optimistic as I often feel. When I think on it, I do have quite the collection of lovely friends and acquaintances still at school and at least four graduated school fellows will be very near. Adding Master Fox, well, it will be quite the family away from family! After yesterday’s funk, it was particularly nice to have a pleasant morning and today started quite well for I awoke to a call from my Corsair (something that could never fail to make a morning better) who was himself particularly cheerful as he started training for his new Employment this day and will soon be a Proper Working Man and not my Fine Ruffian at all! This is not to say he wasn’t before, for he is often occupied in many theatric and artistic endeavors, but for those he makes no salary and the Public Eye is not so keen to consider them “real work.” The only misfortune that this change brings is that he shall have far less time available for playing the Knight to my Lady, and with my departure fast approaching such moments as we might have together are already Much Diminished. Of course, it is not fair of me to sulk, for should he not be working we would see nothing of each other in the days further ahead, as he would have no other recourse than to walk the great distance to my Ivory Tower.
Ah well! Although I am at times of a difficult nature, Corsair puts up with my moods like a gentleman, so I feel I owe it to him to be, at least in this matter, a gracious and gentle woman (as I am quite sure that our separation will not be hard solely for myself).

In any case, I have enough to occupy my thoughts today, for Mother and I are in town with much business to accomplish, from paperwork to repairing my primary writing machine, with hopefully time for a few last minute purchases for school and a mother daughter luncheon in between.

On Leaving and (Never) Growing Up

Monday - August the 27th

Today was a hot and altogether unpleasant day, with heavy humid air that persisted even when the sun gave way to evening to rains. Mother and I are both suffering from a cold and found the weather to agitate Our Malady, which was particularly unpleasant given that I have Work on Mondays (after which I feel tired and worn even on good days). Perhaps in part from said weather, I also found myself strangely Restless, and could not feel entirely comfortable no matter my position or preoccupation. I think however, that my nervous tension arose largely from thoughts of returning back to school. As much as I love my dear Towers (and as pleased as I am at the prospect of a Room of My Own), I cannot help feeling gloomy over leaving my family and estate, and having formed such an attachment to my Corsair, I have yet another part of myself to leave behind and worry over. That may be the best way to say it- I find each person and place that I Love absorbs some piece of me, and when I part from them I part from It as well. Thus, I leave for the Final Term in pieces, returning to parts of myself left there but leaving others behind. It would not worry me so much if I had a great many friends to return to, but so many of my dearest companions are already graduated and gone. I think the Finality of the Final Term also weighs on my mind, for it when it is over it closes more than a Great Chapter in my life; it will be the proper end of the Book of my Youth and I will be fully out into the world of Grown-ups. Such thoughts exhilarate and thrill for I can see a great many paths before me, many bright and filled with adventures I have longed to take, but they also make me wish for Neverland or some other Realm of endless childhood. There is a cold and far-too-rational Miss Morewit lurking inside of me who relishes in painting the bleak image of taxes and wages and the doldrums of everyday working life. I fear she would turn me into some stern Ms. Lesswit if I let her, so I must remind myself of them many Small Pleasures and bright things to look forward to with Change, and I feel better again.

So, I shall try not worry for anything and instead be Quite Cheerful thinking of the weeks of art and paint and clay ahead of me, for it promises to be a semester to trump all others!

~ Morewit

On Parks and Dogs

Sunday- August the 26th

Being a particularly fine Sunday, Mother, Mr. Corsair, and I aspired to visit The Rocks, a grand Park we had much wished to frequent this summer, but had failed to find time for earlier.  The Park proved to be glorious, if more crowded that we would have like (it is far more pleasant to have such a Wilds to oneself so one can explore at Leisure without the bothers of renegade youths running here and there while their chaperones follow, calling out). Corsair seemed quiet at home among the towering stones, though I fear he was Not Enamored with the larger cave that remains one of my favorite features of the park. It seems to be closer quarters now than how I remember it, but I still find navigating the chill stone in the dark to be quite the Thrill.
While adventuring, I could not help my amusement when I noticed in My Dear Ruffian a resemblance to the sporting dogs we used to raise when I was younger - for he would chase off to explore some hollow or crevasse, reappearing coated with woodland debris (and looking altogether too pleased with himself) to wag his tail at us for a moment before becoming distracted by some new challenge and trotting off again. In-between such visits, Mother practiced her skill at photography, of which I am ever envious, and took a number of lovely shots. She was also of a mind to capture an image of Corsair and I together, but I fear her skills were not quite up to the challenge of two such as Us, for looking at the photos afterwards, it seems that invariably neither of us could manage a normal face if the other’s looked halfway decent. Still, I am Glad to have such memories preserved and very thankful to Dear Mother for it.

After the light began to fade and we tired some of traipsing about, we returned to our own fair estate in search of Dinner. Finding none to greet us (Father had consumed a late and rather splendid sounding luncheon while we were out and had not been of a mind to cook) but having plenty of eggs on hand from our hens, we decided to create a garden omelet. Corsair and I undertook the task, but I’m afraid he soon tired of my Suggestions – the fellow is many things, but a proper wielder of a cooking knife he is not!  His Methods were still more than equal to the poor vegetables, and we soon had a Fine and Fluffy omelet of all the best vegetables and herbs from the garden (that, my Ruffian insisted, more resembled a quiche). Corsair and Father found it passably edible, but Mother thought it stood among the better omelets she had encountered so I was Well Pleased.

~Chef Morewit

(When tired out, he reverts more to a pleasant lap dog, making very peaceable company)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

In Which a Lady Returns from a Long Absence

To all my Dear Friends-

I have been much distracted from my Writings, which is quite shameful of me- as some well-meaning (and much in the right) companions have seen fit to remind me. I have a few new-old writings to supply below the following, but they are from some time ago, and are nowhere near enough to fill the long gap between Then and Now. Having made so many promises to keep up with my journaling, whatever could have led an Honest Lady astray? Well, a great many things in truth, but one Pressing Matter in particular, which is that rather than spending my time employed in industrious endeavors I have been Very Busy perfecting the fine art of Courting.

Which, you see, is another way for me to say that I have been passing my summer in a happy haze of walks and talks and sweet nothings spent with the Fine Ruffian, Jack Corsair.  A fellow citizen of the stage, we had been acquainted before, but had never had occasion to speak properly or at length. As we were now in the same show with many long hours to while away backstage, we naturally formed alliance as the majority of our other companions were far older or younger than ourselves. I will admit that I was much charmed by his roguish nature and appearance (he is nothing if not a Character and a Showman) but as a discerning Lady ‘twas the gentleman underneath that won me over in the end- for though he is at times wild, he is always as kind and gentle as one could ever wish a man to be. I shall not bore you with the many small and delicate Flirtations that led to our courting, though I must remark on the fact that it was I who found herself out on a limb, nerves all aflutter, suggesting we frequent a coffeehouse together. See now, how my good Alma Matter has taught me to be a Bold Lady! Dear Mr. Corsair would sulk to hear me bring up such old news again, for I have teased him over my superior courage (in this matter) far too much, but I’m sure his Dignity will recover and he’ll not hold a grudge. Though when we met he was something of a vagabond of the theatre, returned to his family’s estate after a period of gallivanting, he has recently secured a post working with individuals in need of special care and attention - a noble pursuit I find quite telling of his character, for I think I would not have the patience or goodness to hold such a position.

As you all must know, coffee went very well indeed, and we have since been very much in each other’s company. I do fear that being in the first rosy stage of our relationship, where there is such enjoyment from spending time together and learning all the small things that make a person, my family has felt slighted by the split in my attentions- something I did not mean in the least part! I must endeavor to remind them that my Love and Loyalty will always be theirs. I will not embarrass myself in an attempt to describe our feelings as something new for I know that they have been felt by many others before. Still, I will say that there is something exhilarating but also wonderfully comforting in finding someone who cares to know all the little pains and pleasures of your day, and makes you happy regardless of other troubles. Ah, I’ve become a sap it seems! Enough of that for now- if I go on I’ll surely work myself into a Gloom for I am leaving my Corsair to return for my final term of Schooling, and I know that I will soon be greatly missing him, home, and family.  There is comfort in the thought of friends I will be returning to, and the fact that Master Fox is even now employed in my city by the sea. He is helping guide and educate the next generation of youths, a worthy task that he is equal too, though we cannot help but worry after him.

Now, I feel I’ve go on quite enough for one day, but I intend to be severe with myself again and write daily.

With much Affection,

~Lady Morewit

In Which Mother Returns

June the 18th
Mother is back, and we rejoice! However, while she returned full of Exciting News, our fears were also confirmed- Mrs. Rigaud proved to be, in Mother’s words, the most Cantankerous Companion she had ever endured a trip with. I should think she will now appreciate our love all the more after such a disastrous affair. In any case, there were gifts from afar including a bar of Pine Tar Soap which I absolutely adore! The scent is strongly connected to my fond memories of sailing, but does not linger strongly to ones showered skin (which I would not mind in the lease, but I fear others are not so enamored with the smoky savor of pine tar). It also seems to clean almost too well, before I first tried it, I had never actually been squeaky clean in the Literal Sense! I am quite convinced that I shall shower with nothing else for the rest of my days.

~The Clean Lady of Morewit


June the 17th

Still sore, but the pain feels more like the good sort of tired-ache, which means my muscles are surely beginning to heal. Mother is coming home tomorrow, which pleases us Greatly. Cards at Miss Makebrew’s Coffee House today, which means Master Fox and I shall be Making Merry with Good Friends (a pleasant past-time we shall never tire of)!

~Lady Morewit

In Which a Lady is Very, Very Sore

June the 16th
Am sorely regretting my overexertion in sport yesterday - I was so eager to advance and learn moves that I pushed myself more that I would have, and now my poor Body is paying dearly. I am quite sure that there is no single muscle in my body that does not ache. I do not much feel like writing today, as I’ve been hobbling about like a little old woman while doing Father’s List of Chores.

~The Very Aged Lady of Morewit

A Mother Departs

From June the 15th

We escorted Mother to the City today where she was to rendezvous with an acquaintance for a grand trip. She was to be a Person of Importance amongst a gathering against That Most Terrible Industry, which made us proud, but she is such a cornerstone of our family that it was hard to see her off knowing that she would be gone from the Manor until Monday.  It was also with some trepidation that we saw her leave, as her travelling companion was one Mrs. Rigaud – a Lady that Master Fox and I both find to be less than amiable, despite her high status and fine intelligence.  But what’s done is done! We shall see how it goes, and hope for the best.

The rest of the day passed quickly, for after returning home it seemed that we were immediately out again, this time to Town. Master Fox had gotten it into his head that he WOULD teach myself and our friends a rather newfangled sport (of sorts) the has recently reached our shores by way of France. I was quite eager to learn it myself as it is just the sort of Rough and Tumble Activity that appeals to me (and as you all know, I am not really a dainty Lady, and never turn up my nose at Good Fun).

Thus, I spent some hours leaping and rolling and vaulting about in the Park and making a proper fool of myself, I’m sure. It was not all in vain though, for I managed to acquire some little skill at a few simple vaults and improved my roll. Master Fox was eager to teach his gentleman friends the same, but when we had first arrived Master Merritop had been in the midst of doing chores for his Lady Love, and Master Tigan was not in sight. After a time, Tigan appeared with a male acquaintance in tow, but his arrival didn’t bring the willing accomplice we had expected. Tigan was not himself, being rather Dulled Down and Tired, and unwilling to properly join-in with our merriment and sport. I suppose I ought not to judge another without knowing him well, but I could not help but feel it was in part the Companion’s fault, for the young man seemed a very Common sort of fellow with no life to him. Why, I’m quite sure I would have enjoyed the company of a toad, for a toad at least has some spark to his eye and a semblance of character. There we have it. I’m a spiteful sort of girl, trying to blame the poor fellow for anything. I’m sure he was… very nice.
In any case, we had a great deal of fun later with the Love Birds, especially when Master Fox tried to teach us some simple cartwheels, which none of us could quite manage to perfect.

Till tomorrow,

~Lady Morewit